Arjuna Watson AKA DECYPUL
BORN: 1972 Trinidad port of spain
1978 Moved to Melbourne Australia
Currently live and work in Nassau Bahamas



Melbourne Graffiti Artist, tags Asume 901 CI Crew , Soda CI crew

Understudied Craig foster a Melbourne Australian fine artist. I basically tended to his massive garden and he taught me about fine art because I didn’t want to go to jail for graffiti. I shoveled a lot of chicken shit to get where I am today.

Hanstan pottery studio painter.

Left Australia and bummed around the world trying to find myself. Went to Trinidad found my old man, made up, went sailing ended up in The Bahamas. Met a girl and had 3 kids, kept painting and creating.





Solo show 'Works of Progress' Nassau Bahamas Ladder Galley

Solo show 'Decypul': A collection of urban images at the Ladder Galley

Group show at the Ladder Galley - Nassau, Bahamas solo show 'Hit and Run' The Hub Gallery - Nassau, Bahamas

Solo show 'Muse' Ladder Galley - Nassau, Bahamas
Solo show 'Muse' Hub Gallery - Nassau, Bahamas




Solo show 'Crux' Ladder galley transforming spaces Nassau Bahamas the Ladder gallery

Ficcanso group show 'Thecubewest' gallery - Nassau Bahamas. Group show $100 chair for transforming spaces Popop studios Nassau, Bahamas.

Solo show 'Primary Colors' Central Bank - Nassau Bahamas. Waste installation, Doongalik Art Gallery transforming spaces. Art at Albany event Nassau, Bahamas

NYC, March 23rd - Gallery69 'Urban Blight' show with Arjuna and artist METRO

When I was an understudy I was introduced to Australian social realism of 1920's to 1970's. My favorite Australian artists at the time where Arthur Boyd and Victor O'Connor . Later I discovered Russian social realism, not just the propaganda posters but the Russian painters of that time; just blew me away. Also the impressionist painters of that time, which where called social realist just because of there subject matter but they painted like impressionists. I was still drawn to graffiti the and large scale paintings and pop culture.
I always wanted to turn social realism into more of a modern context ( yes it’s timeless subject ) and something that I could grasp that wasn’t so sad ,so I used what I new and what I was drawn to,and I created a style I call 'Urban Realism' yes the ism’s are important and are all part of the process. I paint in enamel and oils on canvas, sometimes I use stencils for text, I love text.

I enjoy form and figure but I especially enjoy painting portraits.

I enjoy painting in large scale and I always paint like I’m doing something wrong like Im going to get caught…I have to remind my self to slow down.